Holding of Wrist was started on a simple Myspace page in 2008 with 50 friends support the simple message that “love is the cure”. We believe in the power of love, conversation, and hope. Holding of Wrist has replied to over 500,000 emails and texts and has published content seen by over 1 Million people from around the world. 

We create a safe and accepting outlet for those struggling with mental health issues such as: depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and self-worth. Holding of Wrist pushes the idea of living a positive and fulfilling life. 

We cannot solve all the hurt and pain of the world, but we can show love. Our motto “Pain Cannot Cure Pain, but Love can.” is our focus. With mass involvement we can educate others and prevent these harmful behaviors. Our vision is to see people loved, listened to and celebrated. Each life is valuable and needs to be celebrated. Each person that contacts us is going to be shown love, listened to and celebrated. We believe in starting a rEVOLution, with love.

We cannot treat, diagnose or fix someone’s problems, we strive to show love and to seek treatment. There is hope to those who see it.


FEATURED VIDEO    A Video About Us