2006 through 2008 were very dark years for me and at some points I was convinced that I was not worth anything, that I didn’t matter in this world and that I would be better off dead. I did not think I would make it through the darkness, but I did and then I created Holding of Wrist which is where this crazy story begins….all with the support of:

Mom, Joy Elliott; Thanks for being there for me when no one else was, thank you for spending weeks in the hospital. My dad, Marc Elliott. My sisters, Allyson & Mariah and my brother, Charlie Elliott.

Holding of Wrist is alive today because of the friendships we’ve created and those who were there during the start:

Lizzie Reed, Chris Laidlow, Paige Napier, Ana Smith, Joe Letteri, Kayla Jost, Lexie Roe, Joy Silvis, Shauna Dearduff, Renee Cook, Joe Terry, Lauren Seay, Blair & Verna Corbett from Ark of Hope for Children, Dylan Smith (Mod Sun), Pat Brown, Adorian Deck, Justin Zoradi of “These Numbers Have Faces”, Kayla Carter, Kaila Rain, Elaine Heinzman of Rally.org, Jason Russel of “Invisible Children”, Shay & Colette Butler of the “Shaytards”, Jamie Tworkowski of “To Write Love on Her Arms”, Lovedrug, UnderOath and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

A MILLION thanks to all current & former staff and interns for their tireless efforts in helping spread the message. This wouldn’t be something without: Colleen Gilfoy, Derin Dacey, Sarah McClellan, Joel Shaw, Nick Harris, Matthew McCaigue, Jon Eby, Naomi Baez, Jalon Wood, Sam Sweeney, Brynne O Connor, Sarah Baker,  Samantha McClellan-Johnson, and Timothy Liedel.

Most importantly, thank you to each and every person who has ever supported Holding of Wrist, “tweeted” our tweets, “liked” our videos, “shared” our Facebook or just spread the word online. Thank YOU. We appreciate YOU. YOU are special to us. This is all because of you. We’re in this together. Thank You.

-Jimmy Elliott

Founder, Holding of Wrist