Born in 1993, Jimmy Elliott has dedicated most of his like to helping others through self-harm, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Since starting Holding of Wrist in 2008, Jimmy has spoken at TedX,, done multiple interviews, created over 500 Youtube videos totaling over 1 Million views, and created Twitter accounts with thousands of followers.
He now goes on to continue his mission in making the lives of others a more positive one while starting a clothing line, Dear Self Clothing that revolves around a similar message of living a positive and free lifestyle.

Derin Dacey  |  Consulting Advisor

Derin was born and raised in Montpelier, Virginia, a small town outside of Richmond, Virginia. He currently splits his time between school Williamsburg, Va and home in Glen Allen, Va. He was been involved with Holding of Wrist since May 2012. Derin’s previous position was as the Communications Manager and handled half of the incoming email correspondence on behalf of Holding of Wrist. He is currently finishing studying at William & Mary studying Government, with a minor in Sociology. Upon graduation, Derin hopes to enter into the nonprofit field, possibly building on his communications experience. Above all, Derin cares about Holding of Wrist’s supporters and is willing to provide support to anyone and everyone who asks it of him.

Naomi Baez  |  Former Marketing Director

Naomi Baez spent her first nineteen years in Hampton Roads, Virginia. She was lucky to meet Jamie Tworkowski, TWLOHA founder, in 2009. In 2013 she finally had the chance to meet fellow Virginian, Jimmy Elliott, at a ModSun concert with further inspired her to help others in the best was she could.
Naomi obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Music Business from Full Sail University. She diligently works in the music industry and aspires to be “your favorite artist’s favorite tour manager”. Her favorite title held thus far is rapper, Riff Raff’s merch girl. She hopes to help others have a day just as beautiful as her’s everyday. She is a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and that knowledge is power.

Jalon Wood  |  Former Social Media Director

Jalon was born and raised in Georgia. Diagnosed with Autism at 18, she has learned how to overcome the obstacles of her disorder. Having graduated and obtained her G.E.D, she’s now looking forward to going to college for video game design. She loves technology, being on the internet, hanging out with friends and of course playing video games.


Sam is a college student at Framingham State University currently pursuing a psychology degree. She has interned for Jimmy Elliott for about three years prior to starting working for Holding of Wrist. She has loved every minute of it, but is very excited to move on and do more with Holding of Wrist!
She hopes to one day make a name for herself as a counselor or psychologist and is very excited about the opportunities the future brings!

Brynne O’Connor  |  Former Multimedia Director

Brynne has always had an intense interest in being o help to others and is a strong believer in art and music used as a coping skill. Currently she is in high school and tries to spread positivity wherever she goes. In her spare time she enjoys painting and photography and hopes to go to college close to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Baker  |  Former Designer

Sarah was raised in Georgetown, Kentucky. Throughout her life, she’s been passionate about helping others and wants to pursue this hand in hand with her passion of design and art.
Sarah is currently studying Design, Art, and Technology and Communications at Bellarmine University with minors in Psychology and Marketing. She works with groups at her school to provide a safe zone for the LGBT community.

Samantha McClellan-Johnson  |  Former Marketing Director

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Samantha moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to start the next chapter of her lie. Samantha graduated from the University of Wisconsion-Milwaukee with a degree in Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies with an emphasis on Advertising and Public Relations.
Her passions extend far beyond her degree. From little on, Samantha has always loved helping and caring for animals as well as people. Her passion for helping people has taken her to Juarez and Acuna, MX to build houses for families in need for the past 10 years with the help of the non-profit organization Casas Por Cristo. She hopes to ind new avenues where she can continue to help others.


Joel was the IT Director at Holding of Wrist. Since leaving has worked as the UI Engineer at Capital One and is now pursuing his business, RVA Design Solutions.

Colleen Gilfoy  |  Former Multimedia Director

While Colleen was with Holding of Wrist she was the Multimedia Director. During her time here she created hundreds of blogs, posts, and projects totaling easily over one million views. Since leaving Holding of Wrist she has joined “Chasing Kite Tails”, an online community focused on women chasing their dreams.

Timothy Leidel  |  Former Graphic Designer

Any original 2009-2010 Holding of Wrist logos were done by Timothy, Former Holding of Wrist Graphic Designer. Timothy is now a full time interactive designer doing web, graphic, print, audio and video. He also works with the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. In July, he is launching his own Youtube channel! He is always around for anyone who needs someone to talk to.