Horror. Today has been horrific  Some will blame God. Some will blame guns. Some will blame video games and the parenting of Adam Lanza’s parents. As we search for answers, we return empty handed. Why would God let this happen? Why would a 20 year old have so many guns? Does this prove that video games cause violence? And who were his parents raising him to be? These questions are circulating and many will try to explain. There are no answers to these questions.

My heart breaks during this difficult time. I cannot answer why someone would shoot children or why this would happen to such a small town. What I can say is this: YOU MATTER. The one thing I wanted to do today was hug my niece and nephew. I wanted to hug my mom and brother. I wanted to be with my family and cry. No matter what is going on, now, more than ever, am I glad to exist. I am glad to be alive. The one thing we will always remember after a tragedy is who is there after the event. Although we all may not be physically involved, we can all do our part to be there. Tragedy reminds us that life is worth living, and we need to hold on to love.

A few ways you can get involved is pray. If you don’t believe in religion or God, you may not understand the power that comes with prayer. Prayer is the quick silent denial of self and communication with God or nature or the powers that be to protect, guide, and show love to those whom your prayers are for. Prayer has changed my life and has the power to change the world. You will never see instant effects of a prayer, but you will never know its power until you do.

If you do want to talk, we are here. The biggest struggle is what to say after a tragedy. If you are sad, talk to someone. If you are mad, talk to someone. More than ever, we need to pray, and we need to have a conversation. Today, innocence was taken. All I can do as just a regular person is pray, cry, pray some more, and be thankful for the life I’ve been given. There is a reason I am here today. There is a reason you are reading this right now. You are given life. You have a purpose. You have a reason.

Instead of blaming God, gun control, video games, and parents, we need to be thankful for what we have now. We need to hug those who we love. We need to be thankful to be alive. After today, we will go on. We will make this a distant memory. But, we will NEVER forget how we feel. So, remember that you have a purpose and you are loved. Thank you for your ongoing support. Please email us at info@holdingofwrist.com if you need to talk.

We love you.
You are important.
Love Cures Pain.