There are several self-injury techniques multiple places online, here are a few of our suggestions based on personal experience. It’s first important to realize that there are two types of self-injury techniques: (a) those that have no physical feeling and (b) those that have the physical feeling self-injury does.


  • Call a hotline
  • Art
  • Throwing an apple/pair of socks against the wall
  • Screaming loudly
  • Tearing apart paper
  • Dancing
  • Exercising
  • Positive music
  • Drawing a picture of what makes you angry
  • Scribble on paper until it’s 100 percent black
  • Go for a run
  • Writing your feelings then tearing it up
  • Journaling
  • Slashing an empty soda bottle
  • Breaking sticks
  • Calling a friend
  • Reading
  • “The 15-minute Rule”: When you feel like cutting tell yourself that you will in 15 minutes. When that comes, redo until you fall asleep or feel the urge go away.
  • “The Calm Jar”: Fill a jar with colored water and glitter. When you’re feeling upset or angry you can shake it and watch until the glitter settles.
  • “The Plate Method”: Buy a cheap plate, decorate it with markers, stickers, cut outs from magazines expressing your pain or sadness. When you’re done, smash it.
  • “The Grateful Journal”: Everyday write something positive that has happened, made you smile, grateful for, or proud of. When you’ve gone a day without harming yourself, write it down and acknowledge the strength in one day.


  • Holding ice in your hands and/or wrist
  • Snap a rubber band against wrist
  • Clapping until it stings
  • Splashing face with freezing water
  • A cold bath
  • Write or paint on yourself