During the month of March, Self-Injury Awareness Month, Holding of Wrist has been posting supporter-submitted self-harm stories every Monday and Friday. This is our last blog of the month, from Jennifer this time. We hope that you enjoyed this month and that it offered hope into your life.

Have A Great Easter

-Holding of Wrist

In middle school, I was the popular girl. In the second semester of 8th grade, that all changed. I did something, I don’t know what, and people just stopped talking to me. I took a blade to my wrist for the first time in march of my eighth grade year. Over summer, things got better an i stopped. In November of my freshman year, my boyfriend i had been with for a while left me, and my friends started calling me nasty names. I started cutting again, deeper and deeper. No one noticed. No one cared. I went on this way for months, being bullied daily and going home and cutting. I even tried overdosing once, only to wake up in the morning after passing out. I met this guy, who’s now my best friend, in January. We became close, and eventually he noticed my scars. He said, “you know, Jennifer, I have battle scars like those. It’s hard to stop, but you’re worth so much. Just know this: i still think you’re beautiful and I don’t ever wanna lose my bestfriend (side note, this pierce the veil song that those lyrics are from is my all time favorite). So promise me you’ll stop. For just a month. Start with just a month.” I promised him i would stop for a month. I did. It was so hard, but I kept to this promise. And I noticed, months later, when I hadn’t hurt myself for a long time, people care. My mom found out i cut and she was devastated. My dentist saw my scars and called my mom to make sure i was okay. A lady in the supermarket told me she was proud of me for making it this far. My brother said its okay to be sad. A teacher at my school got me into therapy. This showed me, it is all worth it. Really. Someday you’ll be so happy. Someday. So please stay. For me. Please don’t leave. For me. Hold on for a few more days, be good to yourself. For me.