Holding of Wrist is posting supporter-submitted & inspiring self-harm stories ever Monday & Friday of March, Self-Injury Awareness Month. Today’s blog comes from Lilith, please let this story inspire you as much as it inspired us. To share your story, click this!

When I was younger, I had been raped by my neighbor and he tried to beat me to death afterward. After that traumatizing experience I couldn’t handle anything and thought cutting would relieve the stress and it did but on for a while. I wasn’t happy about it but it fel good some how. My past eats me away like a parasite and I can’t trust anybody anymore. My arms are covered with scars and I honestly hate it. I sought help one day when the sleeve of my jacket rolled down on accident and another student at school saw it. After class asked about it and while I was telling them what happened, I felt a connection. She held me for an hour while I was crying and we both confronted a counselor to help with my self harm. 
And we did. I have been cut free for 2 and 1/2 years and am proud.