Holding of Wrist is posting supporter-submitted & inspiring self-harm stories ever Monday & Friday of March, Self-Injury Awareness Month. Today’s blog comes from Angie, please let this story inspire you as much as it inspired us. To share your story, click this!


I was a victim of bullying through out all my life. I was even bullied online as well. I went through quite a lot through out my entire life. 2-3 years ago, I started to self harm really badly. In November 2012, I gave it up on my own. I threw everything out. I’m now 107 days clean from self harm. It’s been a really tough journey, but I’m slowly recovering. I’ve had thoughts about ending my life many times through out my teenage years as well. Nobody was really there for me and I always struggled with everything on my own. I was one of those who kept to myself and wouldn’t talk to anyone about anything because I was scared I would get judged or made fun of.

Starting this school year in 2012, I was not getting bullied anymore. I’m recovering from what I never thought I could. I’m slowly getting better. I honestly never thought I ever could without the help and support from my friends. If you’re struggling with self harm, talk to someone, reach out, even if you talk to a friend. It maybe hard but let me tell you, when I reached out and spoke to a friend and they had helped me, things got so much better! My life may not be perfect to this day but I’m glad to say things are slowly turning out good and not as bad as they used to be. And remember, you’re beautiful, awesome, worth it, amazing and so much more. Keep strong and hang on because things are going to get so much better for you someday.