Thanks for your interest in joining the Holding of Wrist team for a multi-month internship! It’s safe to assume you’re here because you believe in the issues we focus on and our vision: Holding of Wrist aims to help others through self-harm, depression and suicidal thoughts through continuous contact, positive thoughts and love.

Holding of Wrist is looking for creative individuals who are: digitally minded, self-motivated, organized, responsible and who has a positive attitude. We need people who are good at quick decision making and likes to think outside the box who are willing to go the extra step to make a difference.

If you’re looking to make a dent in the world, put in an intern application with Holding of Wrist. We are an established and reputable online community since 2008; You can make a difference in thousands, possibly millions of lives.

Please read over ALL the following information carefully, after that you will be directed to completing a simple application. This is best viewed on desktop or laptop.


June 1st, 2017- June 30th: We will open up the internship application for only 100 submissions

July 1st: All submissions will receive an email notification of acceptance

July 2nd, 2017-July 8th, 2017: Training / Paperwork

July 9th, 2017- December 31st, 2017: Q3/Q4 2017 Holding of Wrist Internship

Internship ends on December 31st, 2017


-Must be 16 – 30 years old.

-Must be located inside the United States of America

-Must be willing to protect & represent the brand “Holding of Wrist” at all time (i.e, be the same person you are in private as you are online)

-Must have high speed internet access daily

-Realize that we are all good, but not great. We can all be and do better.

Term Information:

This is a multi-month, unpaid internship with Holding of Wrist. There is no promise of a permanent position on the staff, however it is a strong possibility based on many factors. We are located in Richmond, Virginia but this internship does not require travel to Richmond.

Last-minute Tips: 

We pay close attention to your language and use of words. Please be sure to use correct grammar, take your time and provide as much information as possible- we love reading about you!


Getting To The Good Stuff…

We have multiple positive available. Each are very important to the running and growth of Holding of Wrist. Click on one or all of the tabs to read more, then continue down the page!

We live in a very digital age and Holding of Wrist was founded by Youtuber, Jimmy Elliott. Therefore, we are very educated on Youtube, but do not have the time available to be as active as we would like. As our Youtube Content Creator, you understand how powerful Youtube is and can name ten Youtubers off the top of your head!

You will be responsible for posting weekly videos on Holding of Wrist’s Youtube channel & then send the link to the Social-Media Manager Intern for further promotion. This includes: writing (if you choose to pre-write your videos), filming, editing and uploading all by yourself- so yes, internet access, editing software and HD Camera is required. As a Youtube Content Creator, we assume you know words such as: metadata, thumbnail, tags, description, analytics and how they work on Youtube.

We’re looking for a young, fresh and upbeat face to bring our Youtube channel to life. The videos you post will discuss issues that we focus on: Self-harm, depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse, etc. We can also collaborate on fun contests or other fun videos for supporters.

As our Design Intern, we’re looking for someone who has expert experience designing using a computer, has great communication and strong urge to help others through images. We need someone who can design logos, project and website graphics, and later on new merchandise designs.

We do not provide you with the resources or software to design because we are assuming that you are applying with previous experience and examples of past work, therefore you have the software. Our photos and website has been viewed millions of times, this is a chance for you to get your work noticed and help others at the same time. By applying, you’re aware the difference between PNG, JPG, Vector, and other file formats.

As Holding of Wrist’s Social Media Manager, you are the face behind posts that receive over 100,000 views weekly. You will be responsible for daily Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts while interacting with comments & replies on all of our social-networking sites which includes monitoring of bad language and/or intentions.

Holding of Wrist wants to establish themselves on Snapchat, you will be responsible for daily motivational snapchats. We are looking for young people who are motivated, driven, always carry their Iphone and love to inspire others. The best fit for this position is someone who has excellent written and spoken language; Also has excellent experience with social-networking sites/apps. This person will also keep a calendar of days such as: Day of Silence, Suicide Prevention Week, Self-Injury Awareness Day, Suicide Awareness Day, etc. and will bring attention to them during that time.

As the Marketing Director Intern at Holding of Wrist, you will be working very closely with the Social Media Intern; A team-player is very important here. You will be responsible for promoting Holding of Wrist through free advertising, scheduling interviews, and building relationships with other organizations/bands. We can find resources to make stickers and send them to supporters for free to pass out to friends is an example as advertising. By applying to this position you have prior experience in the fields of Marketing and know what SEO/Alexa Score is. We are looking for a hard-worker who likes to work independently, but can also work as a team. You will be researching trends/news stories related to the things we focus on and passing it onto the Social Media Manager Intern for further posting online.

You will be examining our website versus important information not on our website. For example, we do not have a page on child abuse, but we should because it is important for our supporters. We will find these mishaps and correct.

Moving Onward….

(Mobile users, please CLICK HERE to fill out the application)