Instead of writing a long drawn out blog about how *awesome* Valentines Day can be if you really try, I’m going to write a “How to NOT let Valentines Get You Down,” piece… in list form. So, while you shuffle your way down the hall upset that the guy from your English class didn’t give you any chocolate or that your girlfriend dumped you, read this. I promise your day will not suck.

10. Do not turn on ANY romantic movies tonight. Seriously, though… locking your gal pals in your basement watching the *perfect* Ryan Gosling sweep ANOTHER WOMAN off her feet will put you into a bad attitude for months!

9. Eat pizza. Don’t question us. Extra cheese? Gluten free? You got it. I swear, I think pizza heals all broken hearts.

8. Write about it. Now, this is a bit more serious one, but what a better way to document and express yourself than writing about it. If you’re upset you’re single, like me, write about it. If you’re happy and in-love, write about it. If you’re struggling with depression, trying to come out to your family, or just need someone to vent to, your pen and paper will not judge you… and neither will we. Don’t have paper, type! If you can’t type, well, how are you reading this?? 

7. Make sure you have some sort of plans tonight. Go call an old friend. Talk to your mom. Chat with us online. Tonight, I (Colleen) will be online from 7pm Eastern time until 9 pm Eastern Time. If you won’t be online, send us a message. We would love to spend Valentines Day with you!

6. Put on a new outfit… even if you can’t buy it. Set it as a goal. You deserve to feel good about yourself. You are fabulous.

5. Listen to your favorite song OVER AND OVER again. It really helps. And feel free to sing it aloud so that your sleeping neighbors can hear you. (But not so loud the cops come.)

4. Go on a walk. If it’s freezing (like NYC), walk around your house, apartment, or condo. Get those legs moving. Start breathing. You are alive and here for a reason. Your breath and lungs indicate that you have value. You are important. Don’t hesitate to bring a friend with you.

3. Tweet us @holdingofwrist

2. Know that you are loved and we do this for you. YOU are important. You matter. You are why we do what we do. WE LOVE YOU…. every bit, even the dark parts you don’t like.

1. Lastly, try to remember… it’s just a holiday. It’s just a day. It’s just Thursday. So, chin up. Eat some pizza, talk on the phone, and do some homework. Love hard. Love much. Love often.

Remember, love cures pain. We are here for you. You are important. You have a purpose.

Happy Valentines Day.