- Holding of Wrist

Q: What Is Holding of Wrist?

A: Founded in 2008 by Youtuber, Jimmy Elliott, Holding of Wrist aims to help others through self-harm, depression and suicidal thoughts using online mentoring, positive thoughts and continuous support. Holding of Wrist has replied to over 300,000 emails from people in over 100 countries & has gained a following of over 350,000 wonderful people.

Q: Is Holding of Wrist a non-profit? Is a donation tax deductible?

A: Currently, no. But we are working towards a goal of becoming a non-profit in the next few years

Q: I want to send a Thank You card, where can I send it?

A: All mail can be sent to: Holding of Wrist. PO Box 79. Rockville, Va. 23129

Q: How can I get more involved?

A: Follow our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. Buy a Shirt.

Q: Can I work for Holding of Wrist?

A: If we are currently hiring, this link will have information.

Q: Can I interview someone with Holding of Wrist?

A: Sure can! Click here.

Q: Any future Holding of Wrist updates?

A: We are constantly working on new things for our supporters, stay tuned to our social-networking sites.

Q: My Question wasn’t answered….

A: We didn’t mean to ignore you!! Contact Us 🙂 and we will answer.