March 2013

February 2013

How To NOT let Valentines Get You Down


Instead of writing a long drawn out blog about how *awesome* Valentines Day can be if you really try, I’m going to write a “How to NOT let Valentines Get You Down,” piece… in list form. So, while you shuffle your way down the hall upset that the guy from your English class didn’t give [...]

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Never Let The Muggles Get You Down


On Tumblr, someone reblogged a sweatshirt saying, “Don’t let the muggles get you down.” Quickly, I reblogged that and went on my way. Many of you might not know, but I have a fascination with Harry Potter. If you’ve been living under a rock, Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels and eight [...]

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January 2013

Welcome to 2013.


Welcome to 2013. Now that we have the year in full force, I want to write a blog as if I am sitting in a cafe talking to you… just you. Once upon a time, I was lost. I didn’t know who I was. I used self-harm as a drug to get me through my day. I didn’t know [...]

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December 2012

Shooting In Newtown Connecticut


Horror. Today has been horrific  Some will blame God. Some will blame guns. Some will blame video games and the parenting of Adam Lanza’s parents. As we search for answers, we return empty handed. Why would God let this happen? Why would a 20 year old have so many guns? Does this prove that video games [...]

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November 2012

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath


William Faulker once wrote, “”The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” I never understood what he was talking about, but I liked it so much that it was my senior quote that year. I remember writing it all over my yearbook in high school as to shed some light on my own life. [...]

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October 2012

National Coming Out Day


In 1987, long before most of you (and even I) were born, over a half of a million people marched in Washington DC for Gay and Lesbian rights. Twenty-five years later, we have seen a change. Although change is good and humanity of one’s own morality is subjective, many have stood against the progress and [...]

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September 2012

SPW Blog #5


Friday’s blog comes from anonymous, here is their story. Don’t forget to tune in TOMORROW 7pm est for Holding of Wrist’s live Suicide Prevention Week show! It’ll be on Stickam. Tune into our Facebook & Twitter to stay updated! -Holding of Wrist My biggest advice is: Get help and/or talk. Just one person, find a [...]

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