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June 2019

Jumping for Joy: Making Self-Care Part of Your Everyday Life


Do you routinely work 10-hour days because it’s expected? Are you in the habit of skipping the kids’ soccer games because of work? Americans habitually undervalue personal time when it conflicts with a perceived need to make a good impression at the office — and many suffer from dangerous symptoms of chronic stress because of [...]

Jumping for Joy: Making Self-Care Part of Your Everyday Life2019-06-01T16:52:30+00:00

October 2017

Staying Sober on Halloween Isn’t Always Easy, But It is Possible


  The decision to live a clean and sober life is one that often comes after years of bad habits. Many people who make the decision to give up drugs and alcohol do so only after spending the majority of their lives in denial of how serious their habits truly are. But, once you do [...]

Staying Sober on Halloween Isn’t Always Easy, But It is Possible2017-10-30T23:33:42+00:00

November 2015



"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi Last night, at around 9:30 PM, gunmen entered the Bataclan - a popular French music venue - and opened fire and began taking hostages. At this same time, two Parisian restaurants were attacked, killing 14 at one and 18 at another. Two explosions [...]


50 Coping Strategies


Finding ways to successfully cope with any sort of emotional issue s a bigger deal than most people make it out to be. The way we deal with pain is fundamentally what makes or breaks us as human beings and, unfortunately, it ends up breaking many of us. A lot of trial and error is [...]

50 Coping Strategies2015-11-08T01:52:51+00:00

October 2015

Searching For Purpose


“The beginning of purpose is found in creating something only you understand.” -Tyler Joseph   “What’s the point?” This simple question, over the years, has easily claimed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. It’s among a lot of people’s last thoughts before they tragically take their own lives, and it’s often that people choose [...]

Searching For Purpose2015-10-31T23:25:28+00:00

Letting People In


“Bystander power”: it’s an axiom used by almost every anti-bullying campaign taught in schools across the nation. We’re taught from a young age that having a voice is something to be used in situations of injustice, especially bullying. We’re taught that having a voice is something to be used to our advantage, and that our [...]

Letting People In2015-10-24T23:19:13+00:00

Hope Through Music


Growing up is an underrated task in terms of its difficulty. I say this mainly because It was during my adolescent years that I found myself in the rut that many do during this transitional period. I was still young enough to be considered a child but still searching for the pride found in claiming [...]

Hope Through Music2015-10-17T14:40:42+00:00

The Future


The future is - and has always been - an abstract and terrifying concept. As humans, we often find ourselves drifting back to the strange notion of the future and this is simply because, collectively, we fear what we can not control or understand. We find ways to attempt to gain some sort of control. [...]

The Future2015-10-10T18:09:48+00:00

June 2013

Three Words.


Those three words (You are Beautiful) have so much power and meaning. My belief is that everyone is beautiful. We all have that picture of the perfect body image in our heads. But the truth is, you will never become that person that is inside your mind. That is a perfect person, but no one [...]

Three Words.2013-06-24T20:40:40+00:00

May 2013

Day of Silence Blog


It’s not for show. It’s not for cool points. It’s about equality. This year, we have seen movements for equality around the United States and even the world. This month, millions of people put red “equal” signs as their profile pictures on Facebook to let the world know they believe in equality as people marched [...]

Day of Silence Blog2013-05-30T02:17:34+00:00
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