October 2015

Searching For Purpose


“The beginning of purpose is found in creating something only you understand.” -Tyler Joseph   “What’s the point?” This simple question, over the years, has easily claimed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. It’s among a lot of people’s last thoughts before they tragically take their own lives, and it’s often that people choose [...]

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Letting People In


“Bystander power”: it’s an axiom used by almost every anti-bullying campaign taught in schools across the nation. We’re taught from a young age that having a voice is something to be used in situations of injustice, especially bullying. We’re taught that having a voice is something to be used to our advantage, and that our [...]

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Hope Through Music


Growing up is an underrated task in terms of its difficulty. I say this mainly because It was during my adolescent years that I found myself in the rut that many do during this transitional period. I was still young enough to be considered a child but still searching for the pride found in claiming [...]

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The Future


The future is - and has always been - an abstract and terrifying concept. As humans, we often find ourselves drifting back to the strange notion of the future and this is simply because, collectively, we fear what we can not control or understand. We find ways to attempt to gain some sort of control. [...]

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