May 2012

Remembering Them.


Memorial Day is a very special day. I (Derin) am a related to a living veteran of two recent wars. Since this holiday is so special to me, we want to offer a giant “thank-you” from the entire Holding of Wrist team to all the veterans, current or retired, and their families for all they [...]

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Potential Failure


They said she had the potential but would never amount to anything great. Kerri Strug will live in Olympic history forever. In 1996 (before some of you were born,) the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia. That summer, the woman’s gymnastics team made history. I remember being so enthralled with the Olympics that year. [...]

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Mothers Day.


A card can say everything you want it to. Hallmark makes millions on those gifts to remind mom you care. Status’ on facebook read, “Being a mom is the greatest joy of my life.” I wonder why people find joy in being a mother. As I may not be a mother, I do have an [...]

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