December 2011

Holding of Wrist: Year in review!


Thank you. Thank you for supporting Holding of Wrist another year, it means more than you will ever know! When I say that we wouldn’t be here without you, its the truth- we really wouldn’t.  New Start. We took all blog views back to zero and wondered if people would read. You are beautiful. Nominated for [...]

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Happy Holidays from Holding of Wrist


It’s Thursday, December 22nd, around 6, and I can hear the raindrops on the rooftop. I’ve called my sisters apartment “home” for the past few days. I Wondered around Richmond City, walked to the same 7-Eleven each morning JUST for the freedom of walking through the streets, had crappy 7-Eleven pizza with my sister,which actually wasn’t [...]

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Keep Going <3


Depression. Grey. Dismal. Why was that all I could see? From the age of thirteen my world had been turned upside-down emotionally. I had pretend emotions, and I was severely depressed. Due to lack of friends and things that had happened when I was a child I was emotionally scarred, and was afraid to heal. [...]

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Bullying: LIVE CHAT.


Hey Guys!I’ll be leading an online Bullying Victim Support and Advocate event, alongside Blair Corbett (founder of Ark of Hope for Children) hosted by Justice For All Revolution, a live chat social support network! It starts on Saturday, December 3rd at 8PM EST. I encourage you to create a free (and anonymous) account on Justice [...]

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