June 2011

Turning a new lead


Growing up with a family that has had health issues, friends and family dying and getting really sick; To get over things, I did things that harmed myself, yet did not show. I didn’t want people worrying about me since they had issues with other friends and family. I’ve come close to ending it once, [...]

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It’s not the end.


I have been struggling with cutting and I have tried four times to end my own life, each time thinking that if I take this many more pills, I will die. But, to my surprise even taking over 200 pills did not allow me to meet my grave. I do still struggle, that part is [...]

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We just wanted to show you a little something we got in the mail from our good friend Melissa in North Carolina! We love getting inspirational and epic mail like this! If you have an inspirational story, poem, drawing, etc. send it our way! It’ll go on my bedroom wall! I love being [...]


New Chapter in Holding of Wrist: Continued.


*This is an continuation from “New Chapter in Holding of Wrist” posted three weeks ago, so please go read that first* Hey Guys, Since I posted that blog, a lot in my mind has been making more since to me. Ideas becoming plans, and radical activism become a movement. I had the wonderful opportunity to [...]

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We’re Leaving.


Hey Guys, You (the supporters) are like family to us. We strongly believe in this feeling of “family” and “community”, which is why we need to inform you of some new Holding of Wrist news. Holding of Wrist will be completely offline from June 12th-June 18th. We will not be replying to any e-mails, facebook [...]

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Rewiring Process


For 15 years, I was an undiagnosed autistic. Everyone, even my own separated parents, gave up on me. It left me with severe emotional and social stunting, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. But when I was 15, I was finally diagnosed with a barely-recognized brain disorder, which classified me as a high-functioning autistic. I’m through with [...]

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