February 2011

God Saved Me.


I started cutting in eighth grade. A lot of my friends did it and so I tried it and it seemed like the best thing ever at first. I did it once then vowed to myself never to again. That didn’t go down well. My mother got sick soon after and things, everything started going [...]

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It will change.


Ever since I moved to this god forsaken town, my life has been spiraling downward. I arrived here 4 years ago, and automatically people made false accusations about me, because of my style. They were calling me an emo w****, and other things. That’s when I resorted to self injury. I’ve been doing that up until now. [...]

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Family Traditions


10 years ago I was introduced to a very old tribal tradition. When someone you love dies you cut your hair, clothing, and flesh. Two of my cousins were murdered and my family participated in this tradition. I was shocked, it seemed so foreign to me even growing up in the culture. But I participated as well [...]

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Skate4Cancer Eight Years.


Today, we celebrate! We celebrate for Rob Dyer and the whole Skate4Cancer team! Rob dyer, the main man and inspiration to me, has been skating around the world in various countries to bring attention to fight cancer through prevention and awareness. It started when Rob would be skating from LA to New Market, Canada- after [...]

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I have strength to ask for help.


I started cutting at the end of 7th grade and it continued on until sophomore year of high school. I tried so hard to stop but couldn’t. Cutting made me feel like a balloon deflating all the pain and loneliness and sadness was leaving me. I felt so alone, like I was isolated. At first [...]

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I will prove them wrong.


I was diagnosed with severe Social Anxiety. I don’t talk to anyone except my close friends. I have dreams, just like anybody. But, I’m always told, unless I learn to be loud and outgoing, I wont make it far in life. I used to believe that. But, recently, I’ve become aware of the fact that [...]

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One Month


I started cutting when I was 12. I was molested by my step-sister when I was 9-10 years old. My mom was an alcoholic, so she was never home. And when she was home, we’d only yell and argue with each other. School was always hard for me— I was bullied constantly, and attempted suicide [...]

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